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Privacy Policy

In virtue of Canada's Privacy Act.

Cranton Cottages ( does not automatically collect personal data from clients, guests or from website visitors. Cranton Cottages and its operators or associates do not and will not release any personal information belonging to clients or belonging to website visitors to any third party organization without acknowledgement and consent from the client, guests or website visitor.

Personal data collected by Cranton Cottages and its operators or associates is strictly intended for the production of products and services requested by the client or guest and for the delivery of products and services to the client or guest.

Clients and guests may at any time request a copy of personal data currently being used by Cranton Cottages for the production and delivery of these products and services. Updates to this data or personal information can be performed at anytime. Cranton Cottages and its operators or associates may ask the client or guest to provide certain authorization credentials before supplying the client or guest with the requested information or updating personal data and account information.